Our Tapesty Hootenanny style guitar straps are woven from durable polypropylene webbing and and are a colorful alternative to solid color guitar straps. This stylish guitar strap is light, cool and comfortable. It uses plastic non scratch buckles and is fully adjustable from 35-58". The end tabs on this 2" wide guitar strap are made of a new high-tech synthetic leather material. Synthetic leather is manufactured in rolls. It contains engineered polymers that are chemically linked to give it the strength of leather and a consistant thickness. This allows it to easily attach to your guitar strap button. The strength and consistancy of this new synthetic material makes it superior to leather for guitar strap ends. This cruelty free guitar strap uses no leather and is considered a a vegan friendly guitar strap. All of our straps come equipped with a strong nylon tie making them suitable for use as an electric guitar strap or an acoustic guitar strap. Model SSGT Tapestry style guitar straps are available in 7 color patterns that will compliment a wide range of guitar woods and finishes.

Tapestry Hootenanny style straps only $9.95

Tapestry Hootenanny Style Guitar straps                   (click on the photo for an enlarged view)