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Rockabilly neoprene padded Guitar Strap

    Our new "Rockabilly" padded guitar strap is the perfect combination of style and comfort. This cool guitar strap combines a skinny 1" web and comfortable neoprene shoulder pad. The webs are either jacquard woven in nylon, polypropylene or other textile blends or sublimation printed on polyester webbing. Sublimation printing is a process that actually embeds that design into the webbing on a molecular level. This process creates long lasting, durable straps in bright colors and patterns. The Rockabilly neoprene padded strap features a 2.25" wide by 13 long shoulder pad lined with soft neoprene foam, making it a comfortable guitar strap for acoustic guitars, electric guitars or bass guitars. The strap features non-scratch plastic slide buckles and is fully adjustable from 35-58". The end tabs on this awsome guitar strap are made of a new high-tech synthetic leather material. Synthetic leather is manufactured in rolls. It contains engineered polymers that are chemically linked to give it the strength of leather and a consistant thickness unlike leather whose strenth and thickness can vary depending on what part of the hide is used. The strength and consistancy of this new synthetic material makes it superior to leather for guitar strap end tabs. Since this strap uses no leather it is considered a cruelty-free vegan guitar strap. The Rockabilly padded guitar strap is available in over 30 different patterns. All Rockabilly guitar straps come equipped with a strong nylon tie lace making them suitable for use as an electric or an acoustic guitar strap.

Rockabilly padded Guitar Strap only $19.95                  (click on the photo for an enlarged view)